In the Gutter

Irreverent film-lover and master documentarian Jeffrey Schwarz (SPINE TINGLER: THE WILLIAM CASTLE STORY; WRANGLER) directs this smart and savage look at the birth, rise, and ubiquitous influence of so-called “grossout” humor. Eddie is a featured interviewee, alongside John Waters, Jason Biggs, David Ansen, Chris Gore, Peter Riegert, Stephen Furst, Lin Shaye and Adam Rifkin. Eddie’s personal high point is the direct cut from one of his comments to one of Waters’. A cinematic journey is now complete.

Produced for the Starz anthology series “Inside,” GUTTER debuted to critical praise in July 2008 and will be released on DVD by Anchor Bay on December 2, 2008. Because there’s nothing like copious bodily fluid gags to make the holiday season a little brighter.