Unearthing a ‘lost’ project called POPSICLE CULTURE, Eddie appears on KCRW’s GOOD FOOD to chronicle the life and times of America’s ice cream men (and women!)

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Bread can be considered many things: warm; delicious; sustaining. It’s also slang for money. This literal slice of life, which follows the typical day of an ex-gang member on his first job in the bakery of Homeboy Industries, underscores the meaning – and the lasting contribution – of “good bread.” Short film for GE’s Focus Forward. On Amazon Prime.

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Documentary musical for HBO’s “America Undercover” follows the mounting of a new Las Vegas show from auditions to opening night, focusing on four showgirls from distinct backgrounds, and revealing a surprisingly intimate connection between the show’s choreographer, producer, and host. Drew over 3 million live viewers in its HBO premiere.

Review:The Hollywood Reporter
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